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Here you can find the questions that are most frequently asked by our participants. If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at:


When and where is the conference?

The Translation and Localization Conference 2017 is taking place on 24 and 25 March 2017 (Friday and Saturday) in Warsaw, Poland, in Sound Garden Hotel. The hotel is located at Żwirki i Wigury 18, ca. 3 km from the Warsaw Chopin airport.

What is the dress code for the conference?

It can be described as business casual, with emphasis on the word “casual” :) You can take a look at the photos from the previous conferences for inspiration: herehere and here.

How can I get to Warsaw?

You can get to Warsaw by plane to the Chopin airport (the closest option), train to Warszawa Centralna, Zachodnia or Wschodnia or by plane to Modlin airport (very far away). There are also plenty of long-haul buses coming to Warsaw from other cities or countries.

Why are there no Polish speeches?

This year, we decided to separate the two conferences. The Polish conference will take part in September 2017. Please stay tuned by following Konferencja Tłumaczy Facebook Page and Do zobaczenia! :)

Will there be time for sightseeing?

There will be a guided tour for TLC attendees on Sunday. More info soon!

Is there a car park at the hotel?

Yes. It is paid on weekdays until Friday 6 PM and then it is free. It is also free during the weekends. The charge is 6 PLN for an hour and 60 PLN for the whole day.

Is there internet at the hotel?

Yes, there is a free Wi-Fi service in the conference rooms. There are separate free Wi-Fi networks in the hotel rooms, which you activate through the TV in the room. Please enquire upon arrival.

What do I have to take to the conference?

Just a smile and a lot of business cards. There is no need to print out your name badge – we will have one for you!

How can I move around Warsaw?

We recommend taxis or public transport. Taxis have stands just outside the hotel, at the airport and on the railway stations, as well as throughout the city. They are not terribly expensive and are certainly the safest and quickest means of transport. If you want to move around using public transport, we recommend checking out this website, which shows you the best routes using public transport. You can buy tickets in the kiosk in the hotel, in a ticket machine at the bus stop outside the hotel (note: the buses from this bus stop go towards the city centre; on the other side of the road are the buses which go towards the Chopin airport) or sometimes in ticket machines inside the vehicles. A 75-minute ticket is the best option and costs PLN 4.40 (ca. 1 EUR) and a 20-minute ticket costs PLN 3.40. You can also buy a 24-hour ticket for PLN 15 or a weekend ticket for PLN 24 (valid from Friday evening until Monday morning), or a group weekend ticket on which any 5 people can go for PLN 40. Remember to validate your tickets at the gates to the Metro or in yellow ticket validators in the vehicles! There are fines if you are caught without a valid ticket. More info on Warsaw Public Transport Office website.

It’s my first time in Poland – what should I see?

We recommend referring to a tourist office for information what to see in Warsaw. The absolute must-sees are:

  • the Palace of Culture and Science – you can take a lift or the stairs to the top floor and see the panorama of the city from there.
  • the Old Town with plenty of historical buildings, restaurants and pubs.

In order to see these venues, you need to take a taxi from the hotel or bus 175 from the bus stop directly in front of the hotel entrance. You can check out public transport schedules here. Remember to buy a ticket and validate it in the yellow validator or upon entrance to the Metro!

As for places to visit in Poland, here is the official website of Polish tourist industry, and you can also refer to the Lonely Planet guide. Have fun!



How can I register?

You can register on our website: Registration upon arriving at the conference is not possible. Upon registration, you can pay the conference fee with bank transfer or PayPal. Please note that the earlier you register, the less you have to pay! If you enconter any problems with the registration, please e-mail us at

What does the conference fee cover?

The fee paid upon registration covers:

  • Conference pass for 1 or 2 days (depending on which variant you choose). Speeches and workshops are included – they are all free for TLC attendees

  • Conference bag with memorabilia (including a small map of Warsaw), conference programme and a badge with your name on it

  • Sunday Warsaw tour, for which you have to register additionally – more news soon

  • Refreshments during the conference

Features which you can buy additionally during registration:

  • Lunch

  • Networking evening on Friday (pass + vouchers for drinks)

  • TLC Supporter Package (additional, very cool memorabilia from the conference)

What the fee does NOT cover:

  • Transport

  • Taxis and public transport tickets (tickets can be bought in the kiosk in the hotel or in yellow ticket machines at bus stops)

  • Accomodation (but you get a discount code when you register)

  • Hotel parking (it costs PLN 6 for an hour and PLN 60 for the whole day, and is free on Friday after 6 p.m. and during the weekend)

  • Lunch, if you choose not to have it with us but rather on your own

Do you refund transport fees to Warsaw?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund transport.

What is the TLC Supporter Package?

The TLC Supporter Package is a way of showing some TLC (Tender and Loving Care) for TLC :) it is also a special set of conference memorabilia (a T-shirt and a mug) and an advertisement on our Facebook fanpage as well as on screens during the conference.

Can I get a visa for the conference?

Yes. Please e-mail us at, providing your details from the passport and we will issue a special invitation for your visa which you will have to present at the embassy in your country.

Are there any discounts?

You can choose the discount during registration. If you are a student, you get 30% discount, and if you are a member of a partner organization, you get 10% discount from the Regular and Late prices, also during the Early Bird period (so your choice is Early Bird price without discount vs. discounted Regular price). The discount concerns only the conference fee and does not apply to lunch, networking evening and supporter package prices. Keep in mind that the discounts do not sum – if you select two discounts, we will choose the higher one. However, you need to provide a valid proof that you are a student (student ID) or a member of a partner association (your ID number or other proof). Otherwise, you will have to pay the full fee.

How can I become a sponsor?

Please e-mail us at There are several sponsorship options with various exhibition packages. If you want to support TLC as an attendee, you can buy a special TLC Supporter Package during registration, in which you have extra conference gadgets and an advertisement of your services/company on our Facebook fanpage and on a screen during the conference.

What should I do if I want to be a speaker?

You can submit your paper using our call for papers form. The call for papers is open until the end of September. Everyone is welcome to submit a paper, even if you’re not an experienced or renowned speaker!

Can I take my spouse/child/dog/cat/brother/sister/friend… to TLC?

Sure! Dogs, cats and children are always welcome, although the presentations might not be as interesting to them as they are to you. However, your friends and relatives who want to take part in the conference will have to register just as you did.

Can I take my spouse/child/dog/cat/brother/sister/friend… to the networking dinner?

Although the networking dinner might not be a suitable pastime for dogs, cats and children, your friends and relatives are welcome. However, the price for the networking dinner for TLC non-attendees is higher than for the attendees (i.e. TLC attendees have a discount for the networking dinner).

What happens if I cannot take part in TLC but I have already registered?

We will be very sad! :(

On a more serious note, if you find out that you cannot take part in the conference, please e-mail us ASAP at If you have already paid, we can refund you the conference fee minus handling charges from PayPal or the bank. The dates by which we can refund the whole fee will be given on the same page where you registered. Then, with each week, the refund is smaller due to the fact that we have already borne some of the costs of your attendance. A week before the conference, during the conference and after the conference, there is no possibility of refund.

I registered for one day, but the second day seems interesting too. Can I change my registration?

You can change your registration until the end of February. Please e-mail us at

I registered for two days, but I can only take part in one after all. Can I change my registration?

You can change your registration until the end of February. Please e-mail us at



Do I have to pay for the lunch along with the conference fee, or can I buy it when I come?

If you want to have lunch with other TLC attendees, you have to pay for it along with the conference fee. There will be no possibility to buy vouchers for lunch at the conference venue. However, if you prefer, you can buy something at the hotel restaurant.

Will there be vegan/gluten-free/lactose-free/etc. options at lunch and during coffee breaks?

We can arrange it with the hotel. Remember to indicate your allergies or preferences during registration!



Is the networking dinner obligatory?

No, although we strongly encourage you to participate. Besides having fun, you can talk more with other conference attendees, exchange experiences and gain useful insight.

Where will the networking dinner take place?

It will take place in Oycowizna, an old-Polish-style restaurant on the outskirts of Warsaw. More info here.

What is the dress code for networking?

We would like to avoid wearing suits and long dresses, but be sure to put on some comfortable shoes – there will be dancing!


How long are the presentations and workshops?

Both presentations and workshops are 45 or 60 minutes long. Longer presentations and workshops will have two 45-minute parts with a 15-minute break in the middle.

Do I have to sign up for lectures and workshops?

You don’t have to sign up for lectures – just come and participate in the ones that seem interesting to you. As for workshops, there will be special lists due to the fact that workshop rooms are rather small. However, if the list is full and you want to participate in a workshop, please e-mail us at

The World Cafe workshop will be held during the networking dinner. More info soon.

How do I know if I will learn something useful in the presentation?

When the schedule is ready, you will see that each presentation is directed to either freelancers, language service providers or corporations. Some are addressed to more than one group. Therefore, if you are a freelancer, you will benefit the most from presentations targeted at freelancers, etc. However, you can come to a presentation targeted at a different group and still learn something useful!


Who organizes the conference?

The conference is organised by a company called TLC Conferences Agenor Hofmann-Delbor Maria Szpor Spółka Jawna. It used to be organized by and Textem, but now the conference has evolved into a separate entity, although the people behind it are still the same.

Who is in the TLC Team?

You can read about us here at the bottom.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact the TLC Team is via e-mail: You can also visit our facebook page and message us there.

Can I follow you on Facebook or Twitter?

Our Facebook fanpage is and our Twitter handle is @TLConference.

Is there a TLC hashtag?

Yes, it’s #TLConference.


If you have any more questions, please e-mail them to us at We will gladly answer them!