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TLC2017 Agenda

Take a look at the topics that will be presented during TLC2017! The program might be subject to change with the added presentations, but we will do our best to limit the changes to the necessary minimum. If you need to change your registration (e.g. you registered for one day, but the other one seems more interesting, or you registered for only one day and you would like to participate in both), you can do it at no charge until the end of February. Please e-mail us at

23 March (Thursday)

Registration for those of you who arrive early to the hotel, informal meetings with other participants in the hotel bar or in the city centre (you can use our Facebook Networking Forum to arrange meetings).

24 March (Friday)




In the evening: Networking dinner! The bus leaves at 19:30 from Sound Garden.

During the dinner: World Cafe with Mary Waggoner-Moritz – upon additional registration (TBA.)

Return bus to the hotel after the party will be provided.

(if you haven’t registered but would like to take part, please let us know at

25 March (Saturday)




26 March (Sunday)

Free guided Warsaw tour for TLC participants with TLC’s partner, Marta Pudełko – registration opens soon!