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The TLC 2017: Level up! Call for papers

Have you ever played a video game? Chances are, you’ve also experienced a rush when gaining a level, felt more skillful, knowledgeable and – well – advanced. This feeling isn’t unique to gaming and all of us experienced it every time we realised we’ve levelled up in real life, gaining knowledge, practical abilities and self-assurance that comes along the way. This year, we want you to help us evoke this feeling in our participants. Let’s make them level up, let’s teach them something, show them something and share this positive feeling!

Call for papers If you think you can contribute to our main theme, we’d like to invite you to send in your topic proposal. We’re looking for practical workshops, presentations and panel debate suggestions in topics related to translation and translation industry. Mind you, our participants already achieved decent levels, so the topics would have to be pretty advanced to be able to help them level up!

We’re looking forward to receiving your proposals including:

  • Title
  • 200-word abstract
  • Short bio
  • Your photo
  • Ways in which the session will make the participants ‘level up!’ (what skills/practical knowledge will they gain), and how we can verify it afterwards

In the spirit of our theme this year we will prioritise practical workshops and topics that have never been presented before.

We’d very much appreciate that you send the proposals by filling out this form until 30 September 2016. You can find more details for our speakers here. We’ll then start working on the detailed programme and we will confirm proposals throughout October.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The organising team