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1003405_485182294919959_711033275_nOrganising a conference is a bit like travelling through space, you try to go in a certain direction, but it moves you away from something else. It can be difficult to find your space in these conditions. The TLC (Translation and Localization Conference) has to travel through space of expectations, substantive program and placements. Our team have a wealth of experience with organising conferences – from local, ProZ, virtual conferences to 5 last editions of the TLC. Have we achieved supreme mastery after several organised conferences? Of course not, we can always achieve more and the industry with its expectations changes every year. We will always need to navigate the space between our intuitions, what we want to do ourselves to develop the event and the suggestions of the participants. The work of the conference organiser never ends, especially when you have the pleasure to see 250-300 smiling, but demanding, professionals from over 30 countries.

We are in a position where we can boldly say that we created an international conference, visited by representatives of all groups every year. The TLC is the first industry conference with the aim of reaching all of the specialised translation and localisation industry groups, from freelancers, translation agency employees and the representatives of corporations and large company language departments. In order to achieve this, we had to create a program that would appeal to all groups at all participation levels, but that would keep the participation cost at an acceptable level. But above all we wanted to make every participant feel at home and not only acquire new knowledge and skills, but also easily network and gain business contacts during the breaks. TLC was supposed to be a platform for the industry as a whole, including the smaller companies and making fresh content for big companies, too. It was, and always will be, our main goal.

Not to create an impression that we only see the positives, it’s always worth to mention that we have spent the last couple of months analysing the feedback from the last edition. We have always tried to avoid copying what other conferences were doing, thinking about new strategies and seeing if the participants like what we have to offer. This is why this year we’re focusing on practical aspects and the program and format of TLC 2017 moves beyond ordinary lectures. Our “Level up!” strategy is an answer to the demands of our participants. We don’t want only lectures; we want focused content, practical workshops and sessions where you can learn new skills and gain knowledge. We want every participant to feel that they learnt something new on every session, something to enhance all professional lives. We are following the gaming industry and want each of the participants to “level up”, at the same time treating the conference in a deadly serious manner. We know that translation industry 2017 (as this is when we’ll see each other) is a serious, international market full of experts, technology and challenges.

Come on then, let’s level up!

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