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What to do in Warsaw on 11-12 March 2016

Translators, interpreters – we’re so glad you’re coming for TLC2016. It’s going to be great! Those who are going to visit Warsaw for the first time are advised to read this post from the previous year – we checked it again and all the details regarding the currency, eateries, attractions and travel are unchanged.

The conference is going to be heaps of CPD-enhancing fun, but what about after the presentations and workshops are over? Although the post mentions some, we have prepared a list of unusual and very Polish attractions, so you can be spoilt for choice when deciding how to spend your Warsaw evenings in March 2016. You can also take a look at Warsaw Top 10, a great English guide to the capital.

A note for public transport enthusiasts: if you fancy taking public transport to any of the recommended events, just use this site (don’t worry, it’s in English). Our venue address goes in the field marked with a green ‘A’ and the event address goes into the blue field marked with a blue ‘B’. The dates and times can be adjusted and you can find the venue address (in the format needed for the input) immediately below and each event address just below its title. We have also provided little maps to help you find out where you’re going.

Venue address: Żwirki i Wigury 18

Wind and Water Warsaw Boat Show

Address: ul. Marsa 56c

Dates: March 2016

Ticket price: Up to 28 PLN

Closing time: 5 pm

For those, who think about coming a little earlier, we recommend taking a look at glorious yachts and fancy boats at the Warsaw Wind and Water Boat Show. Located in the MT Polska Trade Fair and Congress Centre, this fair promises waterside competitions and events with an international flair, but a very Polish attitude. You can read more about the Fair and see the virtual tour here.

The Royal Garden of Light

Screen 1

Address: ul. Stanislawa Kostki Potockiego 10/16

Dates: March 2016

Ticket price: Up to 10 PLN

Closing time: 8:40 pm

The next event we’d like to recommend is the exhibit The Royal Garden of Light in the beautiful gardens of the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów. The gardens are alight with thousands of diodes spelling flowers and fanciful ornaments. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sights in wintery Warsaw – and 12 of March it’s the last day it’s open. You can read about it in Englishand see some of its sights in picture format here (it’s definitely more beautiful in person though).

Travel advice: We strongly recommend taking a taxi as this museum is pretty close to the venue, but the public transport is going to take you to city centre first. You can see the public transport and the bus numbers on the map provided, just in case (A is us, B is the event).


Screen 2

Address: Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20

Dates: March 2016

Ticket price: Up to 27 PLN (Price of general admission to the Centre)

Closing time: 7 pm

This interesting exhibition allows you to check out the inside of your ears or the back of your head – and understand how mirrors are used to create images. Very much in tune with Polish love for reflections (and uncomfortable things about our bodies!), this event shouldn’t be missed. Read more about it here (http://www.kopernik.org.pl/en/exhibitions/lustra/) in English and check out other exhibitions – there is a whole centre devoted to sciences to discover!

Pańska 100

Address: ul. Pańska 100a (Wola)

Dates: March 2016

Ticket price: free

Closing time: none

This is a unique opportunity to see the grungy, urban Polish cultural underground. It’s essentially a street exhibition in an abandoned, to be demolished historic building – with no prices, no admissions and no real rules. The artists exhibit their creations and people come see them. Some of it will be stolen, some – destroyed. It’s perfectly safe, of course, but it will be like nothing you’ve seen before, a glimpse of Poland not many can see.

Concert: Dawid Podsiadło

Screen 4

Address: ul. Batorego 10

Dates: 12 March 2016

Ticket price: Up to 120 PLN

Start time: 8:30 pm

Fancy Polish pop? One of our best pop artists will give a concert in one of Warsaw’s best clubs, Stodoła. You can check him out on YouTube, he really has an interesting sound (and you can see Warsaw in the video). The club itself is famous for live Polish music, so even if you don’t like Dawid you can really go any day you want and listen to something great.

Let us know where you want to go, maybe we’ll go as a group?

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