Machine Translation and the future of CAT tools


We looked at the latest developments and practical deployment of SMT and asked the leading CAT tool providers about the future of fuzzy matching technology and new areas for improvement of the translation technology. We also touched the subject of social media for translators, debated on the role of associations, and introduced several audio-visual topics.​

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Cloud computing and mobile technology in the translation industry

We focused on the growing popularity of cloud computing and its impact on the translation industry. We also debated on the most efficient ways for CPD and introduced several topics related to interpreting. New areas covered at this edition included medical translation and technical workshops regarding regular expressions. We also looked closely at technical challenges to translating Hebrew.​

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Technical Communication, Big Data, Team building and CPD

This edition was closely focused on corporations who work with Big Data on a daily basis. We learned about efficient localization and project managements processes, standards and certification, training specialists, rule-based technical writing and Simplified Technical English. We also looked at practical issues with localization of mobile projects.​

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Experts at work


This year was strongly focused on core specialities and CPD. We looked at the role of communication, discussed if terminology can be fun, and looked for the best ways to grow an LSP business. We focused on MT and project management once more, and took a glance at video game localization.​

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Why translate?


This time we wanted to reach the heart of the profession in the era of constant changes and new technologies surrounding us more and more. Conference highlights included an inspiring look at invented languages we often hear in sci-fi/fantasy TV series, translating the e-commerce, localization testing, interpreting and debates on the title question – why translate?

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Level Up!


This edition was our take on success stories in our industries and as it turned out, each story was in fact a path where we all failed at some point – which made us look for ways to quickly adapt, learn from our mistakes and grow stronger businesswise. We also looked at the importance of reference materials, and learned how to survive testing without harming the developers.

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Translator ex Machina

In a world that is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, companies, organisations and institutions are more and more affected by sudden, unexpected changes in geopolitical and economic circumstances and the ubiquity of new technologies. At an international scale, it is often the Translator Ex Machina who saves the day. During The Translation and Localization Conference 2018, we focussed on this particular main theme, emphasising the growing importance of the role of a translator surrounded by a host of different technologies, but also understanding how these gradual changes influence the profession and the industry.

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We speed up the time and reach a year ahead. Do you remember recently watching sci-fi movies where 2020 was a distant future full of robots, flying cars and human colonies on distant planets? Meanwhile, 2020 is almost there. And the translation industry will also enter the 2020 era in the blink of an eye. 

We will enter it with third generation CAT tools, NMT engines, task flow automation, but also with translators who still type on their keyboards and whose work is displayed in a table on the monitor. The world is changing, but it is changing in a different way than we would expect. Surprisingly, this change is often slower in the places where hype and fascination with novelty appear and faster in the places where everyday activities are involved and already-known environments are improved. 

Translation 2020 is not sci-fi anymore. It is a transformation we will see next year, while we still stay the same. Will we do nothing and try to survive somehow, because the changes will not appear overnight? Or will we do something in the next few months to make our companies really ready for 2020? 

2020 might not bring about flying cars, but it will certainly inspire open minds and ideas for the future.