The Translation and Localization Conference 2020:

25 September 2020 in Warsaw, Poland

Polish Day: 26 September 2020 (see website)

"Watson, come here. I need you." - these were the first words sent out in the form of electrical impulses via cable almost 150 years ago.


It's hard to find a better symbol for what we need technology for. We want to be closer to the world, better understand others, transmit and receive thoughts and insights. Get to know, experience, understand and think. Today, all this is possible on a scale that the former inventors of the phone could not imagine. We talk in real time to people on the other side of the planet, order products from factories thousands of kilometres away, take over customs, culture and habits from regions we have not seen. The world is at your fingertips. That is why translations in a new world where technology is everywhere, a world in which we can communicate immediately from anywhere on earth, play a special role. For children born several hundred kilometres away will still speak different languages, eat different breakfasts and profess different religions. Only through translation, or rather through the work of thousands of translators, is it possible to destroy the walls that have been in existence for thousands of years. And although technology fills our world and has become a natural part of it, we still use it mainly for communication. This one, in turn, has translation in its heart.
2020 is a special year for many reasons. We have overtaken the wildest imaginings of books and sci-fi films, and we live in the future. This symbolic time will belong to the next turbulences in the world, fantastic and tragic events, Olympic Games, 100 years of sworn translators in Poland [to be completed]. In such an exceptional year we want to unite, not divide. We want to truly communicate the world, starting with our industry. In accordance with this idea, we also combine national and international events. TLC and KT will be together again, and the participants will be able to create together an even bigger industry event. We also want to give the opportunity to participate in the wonderful atmosphere of the Polish Conference of Translators and Interpreters for Foreigners, therefore, for the first time in the history of these conferences we will provide simultaneous interpretation into English during the conference, and the networking event will be common for both conferences. As always, we will also give you the opportunity to order tickets in advance at much lower prices.
Now, however, we want to say three things:
1) We invite all industry organisations and associations without exception to be part of this unique event. We will do our best to make sure that everyone feels that their presence is welcome and important during our annual celebration.
2) We open submissions of topics. We will collect them for a longer time than usual. At the same time, we will introduce a competition with cash rewards for the best lectures.
3) We will celebrate together the industry award for distinguished people, which is received with appreciation from so many editions. At the same time, we broaden the category, making it possible to submit also agencies, organisations and associations whose activities contribute positively and significantly to the shaping of the Polish translation industry.
More information will be available soon. Blind registration starts at the beginning of the year.